Tips for Choosing a Company to Perform Data Center Decommissions

The process of data center decommissioning is very involved and can be extremely frustrating. That’s why many data center services choose to hire third-party companies to help them with the process. Read on to find out what to look for in a specialized decommissioning company to do the same.

Specialized Experience

Even IT professionals don’t usually have experience with decommissions because they just don’t come up that often. Look for data center services that have specialized experience dealing with decommissioning. Their employees will have the highly specialized knowledge and experience required to make sure everything goes smoothly during the decommissioning process.

Return on Investment

All of the equipment required to store and analyze data costs a lot of money. When the decision is made to decommission a data center it doesn’t have to wind up in the landfill. Choosing to work with a company that offers computer and server recycling will allow the business to get money for their old equipment even if it’s out of date.

Adequate Planning

The decommissioning process doesn’t start when all of the computers and servers are taken offline. It starts with comprehensive planning. There are several reasons why this is the case.

For one thing, the best way to maximize return on investment is to ensure that none of the data center’s equipment is damaged during the decommissioning process. Perhaps even more importantly, coming up with an adequate plan ensures the safety of all workers. It also keeps the project on schedule and prevents unnecessary and potentially costly delays.

Appropriate Security Protocols

It is not uncommon for companies to have sensitive data stored on their servers or computers. Whether the data pertains to the company’s proprietary information or their customers’ personal information, a leak could have serious ramifications. The data decommissioning team chosen to take everything offline should know how to deal with sensitive data either by removing it from the drive or physically destroying it.

The Take-Away

Companies that are decommissioning old equipment to make room for new servers and computers and those that are shutting down their data centers entirely don’t need to handle this complicated process alone. Following the advice above will help them ensure that their sensitive data is treated appropriately, all workers responsible for performing the decommission remain safe, and the companies able to get the most money possible for their decommissioned equipment. Get started finding a data center decommissioning company that can help today.


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